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think yourself in the marvel universe, where would you be?

fighting  at Chikara-Dojo with Colleen and Claire
sitting together with Johnny and  Peter on top of the statue of liberty and eating sandwiches at dusk
meeting Luke and Danny at Pop's Barber Shop and just talking for a while
helping Malcom to renovate Alias Investigations
bribing Jessica with alcohol so I can come along when she's taking pictures for a client... later, eating pizza on a fire escape... lol
playing cards with Tyrone and Tandy at St Theresa's Church
babysitting  Franklin and Valeria with Ben while Sue and Reed going out
eating pizza with Hawkeye, Judith and Lucky the Pizza Dog  somewhere on a high place

"save your happiness for tomorrow"
Status | Kapitel 2 | [20%]
09. Oktober 2018
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