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Dewriver // Levia

time doesn't exist.
clocks exist.

I'm letting go .. so I can be free.
the sun sees your body .. the moon sees your soul.
a quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.
I'm on the hunt for who I've not yet become.
you don't grow, when you're comfortable
in the end we'll all become stories
her courage was her crown and she wore it like a queen.
would you like you, if you met you?

I don't know where I'm going from here
but I promise it won't be boring.

from the second we are born we start dying.
so this isn't life, this is death.

and in the end, we were all just humans...
drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.

maybe there's something
you're afraid to say,
or someone you're afraid
to love, or somewhere
you're afraid to go.
It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt
because it matters.

second chance
who gives a fuck about your first love.
give a big round of applause for your second love,
because they taught you love still exists
after you thought it never could again.

welcome to society,
we hope you enjoy your stay,
and please feel free to be yourself,
as long it's in the right way,
make sure you love your body,
not too much or we'll tear you down,
we'll bully you for smiling,
and then wonder why you frown,
we'll tell you that you're worthless,
that you shouldn't make a sound,
and then cry with all the others,
as you're buried in the ground,
you can fall in love with anyone,
as long as it's who we choose,
and we'll let you have your opinions,
but please shape them to our views.
welcome to society,
we promise that we won't deceive.
and one more rule that you're here,
there's no way you can leave.

can you remember who you were,
before the world told you who you should be?

depression is being colorblind
and constantly told how colorful the world is.

our time together
was never enough,

but we'll love again
in a place

where time
doesn't exist.

life asked death,
why do people love me,
but hate you?
death responded,
because you are a beautiful lie
and I'm a painful truth.

and if I asked you
to name all the things
that you love
, how long
would it take for you
to name yourself?

Isn't it strange?
There are so many people out there
who secretly love someone.
And there are so many people out there
who have no idea
that someone secretly loves them.

It's funny how we fall in love
with the most unexpected person
at the most unexpected time.

sticks and stones
will build your thrones
but love
lives ever after.

the enemy is fear.
we think is hate;
but, it is fear.

and we are all just fighting
to survive a world where
I miss you
doesn't mean
I'm coming back,
I love you
doesn't mean
I'll stay.

the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world
are the ones that do.

why don't we rewrite the stars?
changing the world to be ours.

raise your words,
not your voice.
It is rain that
grows flowers,
not thunder.

she was homesick for someone she had not yet met.

she was one of the rare ones,
so effortlessly herself,
and the world loved her for it.

2017 July 31 †
2004 May 11 *
And all I loved, I loved alone.
I'll see you on the other side of the stars.
We loved with a love that was more than love.

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