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Once there were mountains on mountains
And once there were sunbirds to soar with
And once I could never be down
I got to keep searching and searching
Oh, what will I be believing
And who will connect me with love?

(David Bowie - Station to Station)

'They say that Rain is a sign of change...that it heals wounds of old, and washes the slate clean and bright, so that one day, we may script ourselves the futures that we want. They say that it marks rebirth, and that we can begin anew.
And yet...and yet...I stand alone, as the rain caresses my face, masking my tears and kindling my fears. What if...what if I don't want the wound to heal, what if I want to preserve the scar as a remainder of you? What if I want to look at the writing on my slate once more, and maybe understand, relive the memories that are being washed away? What if I stand here, afraid of what the future might hold, looking back ever so frequently to make sure the past I hold dear isn't washed away by the drops of water?
They say that rain marks rebirth...
They're wrong. How can rain mark rebirth when I never lived my fullest?'
-Some Damn Author-  

Und da wäre noch die Sache mit den OTPs'

Noctis Lucis Caelum x Ignis Scientia (Final Fantasy XV)
Sirius Black x Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
Sirius Black x Regulus Black (Harry Potter)
Sirius Black x James Potter (Harry Potter)
(Nein, ich bin gar nicht gestört, vielen Dank an Madame Mephisto, die den allerbesten Starbucks im ganzen Universum schreibt *-*)
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