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"Wer Bücher liebt, wird für immer unglücklich verliebt sein.
Und dennoch wird es die erfüllteste Liebe sein, die man nur haben kann. Man kann sich all die schönen Momente und Erinnerungen immer wieder genau so vor Augen rufen, wie sie gewesen waren - und es wird einen von innen heraus zerstören. Es wird das Herz zerreißen und die Seele zerfetzen."   - © by Insatiable Desires

To all the Alois Trancy Haters:

I don't see that selfish guy you see, I see a wall of fear, a wall of hate and a wall to protect him from others.
I don't see someone who just wants to be abused, I see someone who doesn't know how to show love, how to express love....  
I see someone who doesn't know any other kind of affection.
I don't see justice in his death, I see a little boy crying for help, crying about his mothers death, about his brothers death, about all the cruel things that had happen to him and the ones he loves.

The only thing I see in the end is a little child, disrooted, humiliated, abused, trying to fix his wounds which will never heal, loving a man who does not return love.

I am impressed that someone like him, someone with his fate, is able to love someone like Claude... nobody would ever love Claude, his cruelty, his coolness, his lack of emotion... but Alois accomplishes something, that noone ever could.

And that is what I see.

© by Insatiable Desires

"So tired, so tired of showing Love so deep
That most aren’t even willing to feel
See what I’ve seen
Open your eyes and recognize that this is real
This season brings darkness so profound
I’ve become lost and can’t seem to be found
Contorted, racked with pain
I know should feel free, yet I continue to sing this sad refrain
I can’t sleep and food has lost its taste
God, I’m so sick of this place"
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