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Little Bear Learned How to Smile

von Ozma
GeschichteFreundschaft, Action / P6 / Gen
OC (Own Character)
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12.12.2021 210
There is a little bear in the forest, he is cute and handsome, other anmial wants to play with him first. But they can't find smile on his face.
When friends play together, all of them are have great time, they  wow, they jump and they laugh except little bear. Friends didn't know the reason, they thought he don't want to play with them, so little money, little pig and other little animals don't want to play with him little by little. And the little bear feels so sad and lonely.
He don't know the reason why friends leave him alone, so he asked the uncle cow. Uncle said:"dear little bear, everyone like to play with happy friends, why not make yourself happy first. You should learn to smile."
Finally, little bear found the reason, he tried to learn smile. When others smile, he smiles too. And all his friends back to play with him again.
He is very happy every day now.
Smile is very important, keep yourself smile when you entre your prom party with this prom dress, you will look confident and charming.
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