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iCarly Reunion

GeschichteRomance, Freundschaft / P16 / Het
Carly Shay Freddie Benson Marissa Benson Sam Puckett Spencer Shay T-Bo
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21.07.2021 916
POV Carly:
I've been in Italy for 9 years now. Back when my father took me with him, I saw an opportunity to start a new career in another country and it worked. iCarly has changed my life in a positive way. In Italy I got to know a lot of guys with whom I could spend a lot of happy moments. But I never got Sam and Freddie out of my head. Now I'm on the plane heading for the USA and I miss Italy, but I'm also happy to see my friends again. It's a shame that my father had to move on shortly after we landed in Italy. There was a change of plan and the American military had to be relocated. So I had to rebuild my life on my own. It was difficult, but I made it. It didn't work out so well with love, even if, as I said, I had great acquaintances and hot nights. But after a few years I was able to get hold of a good place to study in order to be able to work professionally as a moderator later in life and I made it.

Carly is on the plane, but the flight is delayed. Since the plane offers WiFi, Carly uses the delay to surf on iCarly again after years, in the hope that the page has not been deleted by Freddie or someone in the meantime. She types in and was glad the page hasn't changed much. The logo has actually been redesigned a bit, but it looks chic. Carly looks at the logo on which Sam, Freddie, Spencer and ultimately she is on it and becomes nostalgic, grins. In Seattle, too, Freddie remembers the good old days before Carly went to Italy. He remembered all the beautiful moments at the web show and what the 3 had otherwise experienced. But Sam is always in his head and causes butterflies in his stomach. The last time he saw her was in L.A. when he was pushed into a tank full of vicious tuna and rescued by Sam. They went on a date when he was in the hospital and 3 weeks later they thought the date was beautiful. Sam wanted him to stay longer, but Freddie couldn't, after all, he got new orders for music videos at regular intervals, for which he also got good money. His heart starts racing every time he thinks of the last kiss, on Cat's front door. It was a long, very intense French kiss that surpassed the last one before in the elevator.

Freddie POV:
How nice it would be if Sam and Carly were actually back in Seattle ... especially Sam, I thought as I stood at Carly and Spencer's front door and remembered it all. Spencer became more successful as an artist, earning an average of $ 7,000 a month. In the really good times, even over $ 10,000. But he wasn't lucky with women. Every now and then I'm in Spencer's apartment and we play a game on his console, but the strong friendship like in the iCarly days no longer emerged. We were both too busy for that.

I suddenly notice how it vibrates in my pants and take out my phone. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Carly text me.

Freddie reads the message and couldn't be happier. Carly wrote:

"Hey Freddie, we haven't heard from each other in ages, but what I heard from Spencer ... you have a car ?! If you have the time, could you pick me up from the airport at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning? I want to surprise Spencer."

Freddie POV:
I answered Carly immediately that I would come and went happily to my apartment, where my mom had of course been waiting for me and scolded that my dirty shoes were on the bed. Of course, she again gave her permanent monologue on bacteria, viruses and what is not there.

"Mom .. I don't care what you want from me right now. I am 25 years old and only live here because the rent is cheap enough. So get out of my room and leave me alone."

"No, that is out of the question. It doesn't matter how old you are, you too have to ensure order and cleanliness. Since you were with this Sam, you have developed very badly!"

"I won't let you listen to this any longer. You're leaving my room now or I'll push you out!"

Unfortunately, she noticed that tears came to my eyes when she mentioned Sam ...

"Wait, Freddie, I see tears in your eyes ... don't tell me that you still love Sam?!"


She noticed that I really wanted my peace and quiet and gave in. When she was gone, I lay down on the bed, wiped the tears from my face and opened the iCarly website. As always after an argument with my mom, I watched old clips of the show and felt like Sam and Carly are still with me.

Suddenly my phone rang. I must have fallen asleep. I looked at the display and read Sam ...
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