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Apocalypse Suite

von -En-
GedichtAllgemein / P16 / Gen
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06.08.2022 182

In a different life I would have dreamed you
and our meeting would perhaps have been
a little more fated — more fairy tale than
running into each other at the corner of weird
and music — and I would have recognized you
by the way our wits match sometimes

I would have dreamed you and still not believed
that you could be real, I would have imagined
all the details I still don’t know about you,
I would have remembered your eyes and
your laughter and taste in terrible 90s movies

I would have remembered all the small things
that I’m missing right now, in the absence of you,
because it’s the mundane parts of life
I’m missing without you here, like the way I could
listen to you talk about your passions for days

I’m missing all the things I could have dreamed
about you, all the chances I could have taken
in a parallel universe that allowed us to meet at a
different time, a different way and not a world apart
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