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Things that come to my mind

von Mielan123
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30.05.2021 426
Now i see you standing there, your eyes filled with fear,
it isn't really something i never saw in them, i mean you really are a scaredy cat.

Now your eyes have found me. I'm standing leaned to this wall and am looking straight in your beautiful skyblue eyes. You're walking towards me and stop right in front of me, you're just a few centimeters smaller than me.

I smile and nodd "i promised you, didn't I"
That's all i say, but you understand,
back then when you begged me I would kill you, I told you I would, some day, some day but not that day.
I promised you I'd free you, free you from this body you do NOT belong in, I'd free you from this life which is everything but  good enough for you, I'd free you...from yourself, from the hate you tell yourself everyday and from the tears you wouldn't need to cry.

You understand

And tho your life was liveble the past few weeks, you start to smile...
it's a sad smile.
There are we now standing eye to eye...
You start to cry but you never stop to smile, you don't pretend, i see the fear in your is nothing unknown to me, I'm a seriakiller after all, but on your face it doesn't look hyping, it looks beautiful.

But i see, you don't want to be alone now, so i open may arms as an silent invitation.
You don't say anything but a silent "thanks" and you fall into my arms...the smoke is way to much for your lungs, you faint.

As the fire starts to grab your body I lay you down on the of heat glowing floor...i know the house is going to have a gas tank after all...

The last thing i do is bow down to you and give you a gently kiss, first on your forehead and then on your sweet lips...
"Byebye little moon" is everything i say befor i get up and leave...I don't turn around not even when I'm already out of the garden and your house explodes

   the only thing i smile

   After all

   I promised you, didn't I
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