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let's escapril

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05.04.2021 304
content note:  alkohol/drogen

05. here‘s what i remember

let‘s be honest: it isn‘t that much
only bits and
pieces of those first
conversations, feelings, thoughts, touches
& laughter
i can remember that, at least

you hair was red & you told me
we should get matching tattoos
you said it as if that was
perfectly reasonable for two people who had met
just an hour earlier;
you might have been drunk or high or maybe just your careless/spontaneous/i-don‘t-care-about-societal-norms-self

(we didn‘t do it,
you might have been joking after all,
a few weeks later you sent me a picture & said
you could always get one in the future)

your hair was green & you told me
we should find a place together
(i was complaining about my roommate
and you were tired of living alone)

your hair was pink & you told me
you know i had a crush on you when we first met
i didn‘t tell you, but i had one too
(and it never went away)
your head was lying in my lap and i was glad,
your eyes were closed

we kissed once when we hardly knew each other
but i think you don‘t remember &
we never talked about it

your hair was red again & you told me
i have a date tomorrow
(you didn‘t come home that evening)

your next date was mostly in our living room
and that was when i learned
that we sometimes
have the same type

your hair is still red & you told us
last night, while your head was in my lap again
maybe I‘ll keep it that way
& i kept thinking about that tattoo
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