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grey linings

von rumwolf
SammlungAllgemein / P12 / Gen
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11.04.2021 262
8. tesselation

/ cotton candy clouds and taking too many pictures of them /waterfall / a forgotten cup of coffee on the window sill / armor ring / happy-sad and crying ugly tears, feeling like the weight of the world is slowly falling off / velvet / fingers turning pages and ink shimmering on the rough paper,  if you only look close enough / the beautiful name / smell of noodles and tomato sauce from the kitchen / sleepwalker / brunch, record shopping and crémant in the morning and at noon on a wednesday in july / 9th revolver / cappuccino racing kinda heartbeat and dusty library hours / mirror ball / reflections of the sunset in the windows of the building down the street / fantasy / mountaintops underneath a comet / cross game / head against the car window watching the lights of this way too big city blend into one/ kiss twice, kiss me deadly / finding letters in the mailbox to have something to read on the way to the busstop / eraser / a cat meowing as the first thing to hear in the morning / gemini 0-I-II / lines under sentences and passages or handwritten dedications in used books / cosmic world / the last and first sentence in a notebook / subaru / the pile of stars that looks just like the tiny dipper but one  star missing that has now become my favorite by far / jewels / the smell of earth and cities after rain/

trying to fit the happy days
next to each other
like old mosaic
the ones  
with the bright colors
that make you
wonder if the people
who made them
were happy
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