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Your sun

GedichtSchmerz/Trost / P12 / Gen
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20.03.2021 505
Today is the day my world stands still. The last bird has sung its ballad, the last tree threw its leaves to the ground and the last drop of water in the ocean has dried.

Today is the last day I turn around and see your eyes, like glistening stars in the night sky, which shine like the brightest and most beautiful light I have ever seen.

Today your world will shatter, but still continue to turn, because I sacrificed mine to keep yours alive.
Energy does not vanish, so when I finally explode, make sure to catch my remains. For I am nothing more than a tool on your way to fortune.

For I am nothing more than the sun that keeps your earth alive.

But never forget, that the earth without a sun will be a hard place to live in and never forget my warmth, that surrounded you in the coldest of nights.

Never forget, that it was my light, that illuminated the darkest corners of your heart.
Because if I do not remain in your memory, it is the same as if I never existed at all, ...

... which I think I should not have to begin with. But after all this time, there is still someone following me, trying to catch up but never reaching. This someone whispers sweet words to me, a lullaby that haunts me in my dreams. I never got to see her, but I recall they call her the moon.

We were doomed to never see each other, we could never live without the other one, we completed one another and yet is faith so cruel to separate us.

She needed my light to shine, I needed her present to keep going, but my time was running out and we both knew.

So, her whispers fell silent, I never heard this wonderful voice again and that is when I figured, that the moon was just another, a better, part of me that did not want to give up yet.

But as the earth took the rest of us, drained the last bit of energy we had, the moon stopped moving, and I crashed into her before I even had time to heal and change.

As we both exploded in the most beautiful colours, we left a gaping hole for all the other planets in space and stars started to dance around our broken pieces, celebrating our death, because they knew it was the end of a long suffering.

For a second I imagined, how it would be, if we were in another universe, where we could be one, giving us the strength we needed to face every difficulty and challenge ahead of us. Never thinking our existence is a waste of space but rather a wonder worth celebrating.

And that is when I knew, I had those thoughts in me all along, yet was too scared and blinded to embrace them, but now it is too late, because my time in this life eventually ran out.
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