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15.03.2021 199
Everyone is reaching out, cause they need something
But most of the time it's me
Me who has to ask if we could meet up
Me who texts first
Me who is easily replaceable
I feel left, like a leftover
I dream of things
Which are forgotten in the next moment, when I can think clear
How could I change the world, if I could'nt even change myself
Changing myself, while I did'nt even know, who I'm
I feel like I get controlled and judged in my every move
I hoped always in these moments for you, but now I ask myself, are you even out there?
Is there someone who just loves me, to whom I'm not easily replaceable?
I tried this shit, but yet I was replaced after a few days of talking by a girl
A girl who was all of sudden your girl
I fighted so often for my dreams, which were for others just a thing that would be nice I guess
For me it was my destiny, but soon others broke them and stealed them
I just ask myself...
and no one answers
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