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Angel of vengeance

von Yoyo1984
GeschichteFantasy, Action / P12 / Gen
Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood Magnus Bane OC (Own Character) Raphael Santiago
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23.02.2021 939
Hey :-)
This is the first chapter of my new story. It is a fan-fiction to Cassandra Clares Book series: "The mortal instruments" and the TV-series "Shadowhunters." I will upload the same story in german too. In german it is called "Racheengel". If you dislike something please write me a review, so I can work on that. Have fun! ;-)
Yoyo1984 ;-)

Prolog: Bloody slings

The ash flying through the desert looked like snow at first sight, but if one looked closer it had more the form of shreds than flakes and instead of white, it had the color of light grey. The smell of smoke and sulfuric hung heavy in the air, which made it hard to breathe. In front of the burned ruins of a once beautiful and majestic mansion, which was still partly on fire, sat a boy on his knees, not even sixteen years old with huge black wings. From afar he looked beautiful with his curly black hair that brushed his shoulders, his olive-brown skin and his loose white Shirt. After being blinded by the boy's beauty, you realized that his hair was rumpled, his skin dirty and his T-shirt torn and tainted with blood. His wings, which were made out of countless, soft feathers, were scratched by long claws and his feathers tousled. Around the rudiments of his wings, his wrists and his ankles were rapped heavy brown chains, their ends towering deep into the ground. With his wings and shoulders hanging down and his eyes focused on the ground, his whole appearance spoke of hopelessness and desperation. He looked like a fallen angel. Across from him stood a tall man, with agile arms and athletic legs made out of grey smoke. When he turned his face to the boy his silver eyes sparkled dangerously and he smiled, showing long sharp teeth. The thing approached his prisoner with slow steps that made absolutely no sound on the sand. As he reached him, he bent down and lifted his chin with his fumy hand that ended in long white claws. Carefully he stroked over the boy's cheek while saying: "Don't be so sad, my little angle boy. It is all for the best." He smiled his devious grin again and grabbed the boys chin harder. Within a second everything changed. The boy raised his lids showing his eyes for the first time. They were orange and glowed like the flames behind him. Now it was on him to smile and in that moment, with the fire smoldering behind and the ash flying around him, he looked like an angel of vengeance. With a roar he burst out of his chains, tearing them out of the ground. He swung himself into the air and laughed carefree, as if his wounds and scratches weren't even there. "Don't mistake my annoyance for sadness. It's just, you are so untenable boring, I nearly fell asleep." With a sassy grin he yawned loud and rubbed his eyes, as if he was sitting in a boring school lesson, trying very hard to stay awake. For just a second the smoke-man looked astonished which was a very fun thing to look at, since he didn't really have a face. Then he looked angry, really angry. "You are either very bold or very stupid to mock me", he said. "Probably a bit of both", answered the other one way too happily given the situation he was in. "I don't plan on killing you, you're too important for that, but I will hurt you." The angel boy tilted his head to the side and examined his opponent with squinted eyes before saying: "You are mistaken, if you think that I believe to be stronger than you. I know that I don't stand a chance against you. But I would rather burn to ashes than surrender myself with you. If I have to lose against you, which I do, at least I can scoff at you while doing it." The other one had listened expressionless. Then he said downright sluggish: "As you will." With a relaxed but incredibly fast movement, he flung his arms toward the boy. Too fast for this one to even blink, those grew and grew until they reached him, releasing grey smoke everywhere. Snares of smoke tilted themselves around the slim body and pulled tighter until the boy could barely breathe. This one screw his face up and clenched his teeth while trying to wind oneself free. The man out of smoke laughed very loud and dry and his silver eyes flashed, causing silver threads that speeded through the smoke toward their target. As they reached it, they corroded his skin leaving red strings behind. The boy screamed and screamed; every time new strings burned his skin; he became louder until he finally fainted. His torturer released his victim, letting it fall through the air and hitting the ground with a dull thud. The boy was almost unrecognizable. His whole body was covered in bloody stripes and scratches and if his chest wouldn't have risen and fallen you could have thought that he was dead. "Don't worry, I'll be back", whispered his tormentor and with a silent cackle he turned around and walked off, leaving the other one behind lying on the sand between smoke, ashes and flames.
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