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At the end of the Day

von Pingu
GeschichteDrama, Romance / P18 / MaleSlash
Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson OC (Own Character)
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18.11.2020 157

Teil 1: Midnight Memories
A.M. – One Direction
Irrestible – One Direction
Superstar- Taylor Swift

Teill 2: Kiss him, you Fool!
Kiss me – Six pence None the richer
Day to stay – Lena
Love who loves you back – Tokio Hotel
Dirty Little secret – The all american Rejects
Little things – One Direction

Teil 3: The End is near
Smile for the picture – Angelo Kelly
Unfaithful – Rihanna
Fuck – Eamon
Your love is a lie – Simple Plan
Tempoary Fix- One Direction
He likes boys – Simone Battle
Realize the real lies – Aequitas
Dear Insecurity- Gnash feat Ben Abraham
I miss you – Louis Tomlinson

Teil 4: It is what it is
Bonusteil F**k you betta – Neon Hitch

Hallo lieber Schmerz – Batomae
Long way down – One Direction
Over – Tyler Shamy
Roundabouts – Wincent Weiß
Not over you- Billy
No Control – One Direction
Habit – Louis Tomlinson
Es braucht Zeit- Tim Oliver Schulz
At the End of the Day- One Direction
Happily- One Direction
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