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Nightly Serenade

LiedtextAllgemein / P16 / Gen
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13.10.2020 190
Welcome little child,
to the darkest fears inside.
Come and have some fun,
take my journey through the night.
How long will you last,
through my madness of the past?
I'll sip every drop of blood from you,
and then we'll have a blast.

Break, break, break my mind,
be surprised at what you'll find.
You will see, I'm not kind.
And then you'll cry,
cause I told you, you will die,
and I take all of your hope,
before light comes forth once more.

Well I gotta say,
for me you are only prey.
Just a little thing to play,
cause I know you can't escape.
You think you are tough,
but against me that's not enough
I will end this all tonight,
I won't even have to fight.

Stake, stake, stake my heart,
if you think it will change a tad.
But I am still alive.
A single drop's enough,
from your precious tasty blood,
and then I will rise once more,
I’ll come knocking at your door.
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