I'll catch you if you fall

von Mystery
GeschichteRomanze, Schmerz/Trost / P18 Slash
Newt Thomas
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„Hello?“, Dylan nearly had to shout into his cellphone because of the chatter around him.
Silence. But then….
„Gzi broke up with me last night“, came a weak voice out of the speaker on Dylan's ear.
„Thomas!“, the brunette gasped.
He tried to clear his head. London was eight hours ahead, so it hat to be around nine o’clock there.
„What happened? Where are you?“
„Long story“, the blonde on the other end of the line murmured, voice thin and raspy.
„I’m on my way to the airport. Mind if I come over?“
„No, you’re welcome any time! Just let me know when you need a lift from the airport.”
“I’ll text you when I’ve got flight details”, then a long pause, „thanks Dyl", his voice broke, and then the line was dead.
„Fuck”, Dylan cursed, stirring at the screen of his phone.
He knew Thomas. He wasn’t impulsive like he was. He thought things through. It wasn’t likely for him to board a plane in despair only hours after his girlfriend broke up with him. What the hell had happened, that forced such a reaction out of this composed young man?
„Hey Dyl, what’s wrong?”, Tyler asked him, taking a sip of his drink.
„Thomas is coming over. His girlfriend broke up with him. I don’t know what happened, but he sounded like running on empty”, he answered, dragging one last time on his cigarette.
„Thomas Brodie-Sangster?”, the black-haired guy asked.
Dylan simply nodded.
„Fuck”, the Teen-Wolf-Star mirrored Dylan’s expression.
„And he’s coming all the way over from London?”
„Yeah, he’s on the way to the airport. He’ll text me when he knows, what time he’ll be in LA.”
„That’s not like him, isn’t it?”, Tyler asked, watching Dylan’s face.
„No”, the older one said, „that’s why I’m so worried.”
„So the party's over for tonight?"
„At least for me, bro. No need for you to leave with me. You got keys, so just stay and have fun.”
„You sure?”
„Yeah. I’ll walk home and wait for Thomas to text me.”
„Okay Buddy, see you tomorrow then”, Tyler said, hugging Dylan close for a moment and then went back in,  to the rest of the group.
The brunette guy took out another cigarette, enlightened it, and inhaled deeply before he started walking in the direction of his condo.
Nearly every minute he checked his phone to see if there was a message from Thomas. More than an hour later he arrived at home, threw the keys on the sideboard in the hallway, and went into the kitchen, grabbing a beer from the fridge.
As he took one long sip out of the bottle as his phone buzzed on top of the kitchen counter.
>Landing at 2:35 pm.< from Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
>I’ll be there to pick you up. U do’in ok? Need to talk?<
>I’m ok. No talking. Have to keep me together.<
>Ok. Cu later then.<
Dylan sighed. He paced his condo for another hour, waiting if Thomas would text or even call before boarding, but nothing.
So he went to bed, but sleep only barely came. He heard when Tyler came home finally in the early morning hours and at about nine he got up, realizing, that he won’t get any more sleep tonight.
He took a shower, changed the sheets, cleaned up the kitchen and the living room to keep him busy until he had to head for the airport to pick up Thomas.
Drumming the wheel, he made his way to the airport parking lot and got out of the car, searching for the right gate for the arrivals from Europe.
It was about 3 pm as Thomas finally stepped to the doors of the arrival and he looked terrible.
His hair was a mess, dark circles beneath his eyes, and his skin was even paler than usual.
„Hey Buddy”, he whispered, barely audible, when Dylan pulled him in for a tight hug.
„Let’s get outta here. Don’t know how long I can stand this.”
His voice was so thin and his beaten-up look made Dylan’s chest clench tight.
In silence, they made their way to the car and trough the afternoon traffic. Thomas was chewing his nails off and Dylan wanted nothing more than to grab his hands to keep him from doing this.
„Tyler’s staying here for a few days, too. He’s got the spare room, so you can have mine, while I’ll take the couch.”
The blonde simply nodded, grabbing his luggage and followed the younger one to the door. Tyler sat on the couch with his phone, jumping as they entered the living room.
„Hey Thomas”, he started with a light tone and stopped dead.
„Good Lord, you look horrible”, he continued, hugging him briefly.
Thomas nearly couldn’t meet his eyes and quickly disappeared into Dylan’s room.
„Fuck”, Tyler said, looking after him.
„What did she do to him? he asked silently.
„I’ve got no idea. He barely spoke to me the whole time”, Dylan responded, rubbing his face.
„Okay, here is the plan”, the black-haired guy began after a short pause.
„I’ll get us some food because he needs to eat something, if he wants or not and you go talk to him. He has to spill it, he’s chocking on this.”
„Alright. Thanks, man. But first I have to calm my nerves”, he said, grabbing his cigarettes.
„Same idea here”, Thomas said behind them, coming out of Dylan’s room, a cigarette in his hand.
Dylan nodded over to the door to the rooftop and grabbed a lighter. Tyler clapped Dylan’s back before both guys of The-Maze-Runner-Cast went out for a smoke.
The nicotine calmed Thomas down. After a few pulls, his shoulders relaxed a bit and his voice was almost calm as he spoke.
„The other night we were invited to a party. I can’t believe that it’s only about 24 hours since then”, he said, shaking his head and Dylan could hear his voice trembling just a little bit.
„We cooked a small dinner at hers, had awesome sex, and got ready. It tended to become an epic night…", he paused for a moment, eyes wandering off into the distance.
„Well, it became an epic night actually”, his voice sounded dry, tone sarcastic.
He pulled one last time on his cigarette, threw it into the ashtray, and looked Dylan directly into the eyes as he continued: „I found out, that she cheated on me. For months. She even fucked him in my flat one night she stayed there when I was off on a trip.”
And then he broke down. Literally.
Dylan caught him halfway on the way to his knees.
They curled together on the floor. Thomas shaking and gasping in tears, Dylan pressing him to his chest, silently crying along with him.
His heart ached, seeing Thomas in pain like this. He got to know Gzi last year when the two of them hat been to LA for vacation, and they have had a good time together. Though Dylan had been a bit jealous of the thing Gzi had with Thomas because he never was going to have this.
At some point, Dylan started to mumble soothing meaningless words into Thomas’ ears, kissing his temple over and over, scratched his neck softly. The younger one had no idea how long they sat there, him trying to comfort that wonderful young man in his arms and that man crying in pain until Thomas finally went silent, only sniffing softly here and there.
„What happened after you found out”, the brunette asked, voice low and rough.
„I was dumbfounded, totally beside myself, and drunk. I felt so helpless. I don’t know how I left the party. I went to her flat, grabbed what possessions of mine I could find, dropped the keys, and fleed to my place. I think I sat in my hallway for hours, thinking nothing, only feeling that pain, I couldn’t even cry.”, he took the tissue Dylan handed him and continued.  
„Then I packed, totally on autopilot. I don’t know what, but I threw everything in my suitcase, grabbed my messenger bag, and headed out of the door. I don't know when I realized that I was heading for the airport and how my phone got into my hand, opening your contact file.”
The blonde looked up, locking gaze with Dylan, sinking into his light brown eyes.
„You were the only person I could think of to go to”, he broke off, breaking the eye contact, too.
„I knew I would be safe here. With you”, his voice barely a whisper by then.
„You are, Thomas. You are safe here. I’ll take care of you", Dylan whispered, pulling him close again, placing a kiss on Thomas' forehead.  
Tyler found them in this exact position about an hour later as he went looking for them, to tell them food was ready.
They both got up and gathered around the counter in the kitchen to get some food.
Thomas ate not much, but he did eat something and so neither Dylan nor Tyler forced him to eat more.
„Did you catch some sleep on the plane?”, Dylan asked the blonde while cleaning up the kitchen.
„I think so, but I’m not entirely sure. Everything is a bit blurry since… then”, he said, voice dropping at the end.
Dylan squeezed his shoulder.
„Alright. Take a shower and then we’ll relax together, watching a movie or playing a game, yeah?”
„Sounds good”, the blonde simply replied and left the kitchen.
When Thomas was out of the room, Dylan sat his hands flat on the kitchen counter and rested his forehead onto them, sighing.
„What happened?”, Tyler asked, rubbing Dylan’s shoulders softly.
Quickly the ‘Stiles’-Actor retold Thomas story and Tyler looked bewildered.
„Good Lord, that’s horrific! No wonder he is totally wasted.”
„I only hope I can help him and comfort him enough to get over this …. Over her”, Dylan’s voice sounded tired.
„You’re doing well, Dyl. You’re so sensible and emotionally intelligent, you can do this. And if you need me to leave, don’t hesitate to tell me, ok?”
„No way you’re leaving!”, the brunette replied forcefully.
„It will help him when we act normal around him, I’m sure. And it’s no problem, I can take the couch for sleeping.”
„Okay, but…”, Tyler began again.
„End of discussion mate, you’re staying. Leave it with that”, and then Dylan left the kitchen too.
The evening progressed and the three of them watched a movie, ordered some pizza, and at some point, Thomas said, he would call it a night and left the two others in the living room.
Dylan went after him a few minutes later, to check if everything was fine or if the older one would need anything.
He packed the spare sheets as Thomas entered, only in boxer-briefs and a huge white T-Shirt. He looked so innocent, so vulnerable at this moment, so Dylan bit his lip, crossed the distance, and pulled him into a tight embrace.
„If you need anything, just let me know, ok?”, he whispered in Thomas’ ear before he backed up again.
„Thanks, Dyl”, Thomas managed to say, clenching his fists and trying to hold back tears.
The brunette hat no clue what to do. He had some ideas but was very sure those won’t help his friend to cope with the pain and the confusion. So he simply squeezed Thomas' hand again, grabbed the sheets, and headed out of the room.
The mentioned boy stopped dead, turning around.
„It would be okay for me when we share the bed”, he said, clearly uncertain. „If I won’t be alone tonight”, he added quietly.
„Sure thing”, Dylan responded without thinking, throwing the sheets back on the bed.
„I’ll be back in no time”, he said and left the room in the direction of the bathroom.
„Shit”, he murmured under his breath as he shut the door behind him.
He and Thomas. One bed. Thomas emotionally unstable and hurt and himself wanting nothing more than to comfort his friend in any way possible… not a very good combination.
Sighing he changed, brushed his teeth, and went back to his bedroom, stopping by at Tyler, explaining the situation.
The black-haired boy was very understanding and Dylan was very grateful for having such good and loyal friends.
When he entered his bedroom carefully, Thomas lay there beneath the sheets, eyes staring into nothing.
Silently sliding under the covers by Thomas's side, Dylan switched the light off and tried to relax his tensed body.
„Thanks for having me Dyl”, the blonde suddenly spoke softly.
„I couldn’t go through this alone. I’m so grateful that I’ve got you.”
The younger one had no clue how to respond to this, so he simply took Thomas’ hand and squeezed it gently. When he wanted to pull away again, he was surprised as Thomas won’t release his hand.
„Is … is that ok?”, he whispered.
„Sure. If that is how I can help you.”
The sheets rustled and Dylan assumed Thomas had nodded.
After a while, Dylan automatically began to softly caress the back of Thomas' Hand and he heard the other boy inhale sharply, sobbing again.
„Oh come here”, Dylan murmured and pulled Thomas in a hug, felt the blonde hiding his face in Dylan’s neck holding onto his shirt.
The brunette felt the wetness of those bitter tears on his skin and soaking his shirt, but he didn’t care. He stroked Thomas' back gently until the blonde became quiet and both fell asleep.
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