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In My Mind

von Kikix
GeschichtePoesie / P16 / Gen
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19.07.2020 154
What is love if not chemistry?
I no longer feel the same about you.
Can no longer tell the difference.
Error or experiment?

I don't want to be the one
to tell you you're not special.
So I just wait for another mistake.
To say goodbye to you, farewell.

I'm not good, I know that for sure.
But can one change the feeling that's not felt?
You say that one cannot choose
with whom you fall in love.

Well, I see that
but in a slightly different way.
I say yes to no and no to yes.
We will see what I will do next.

I cannot change the way I don't feel.
Do I feel at all, you ask?
Easy it may seem for you, but it can't be answered
if you don't see the things I do.
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