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Hungry Eyes

von Layna
GedichtAllgemein / P12 / Gen
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17.07.2020 179
When I stare into your eyes
All I can see is hunger for life
A silent longing for more
It can’t be measured in goods
It’s the simplest wish of them all

And I wish I could give you more
While I am even struggling to put food on our table
All I can give you are words
Words that will make the grimaces disappear
And sing songs of hope and happy memories

I’ll try to make you forget the suffering
You should always look out for the good
And if you ask me for a lullaby
I try to sing as loud as I can
So I can drown the sound of your growling stomach

For you I’ve learnt to put my pride aside
I’ve learnt that it won’t help us
So I reached out for many helping hands
Which I’m really thankful for
I started for you and I will go on for you

No matter what we are going through
There is always hope and there is always help
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