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Dear Madam

GedichtPoesie, Tragödie / P16 / Gen
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14.07.2020 511
I am a soldier and my speech is rough and plain
         I'm not much used to writing and I hate to give you pain
         But I promised I would do it and he thought it might be so
         If it came from one who loved him perhaps it would ease the blow
         By this time you must have guessed the truth I fain will hide
         And you'll pardon me for rough soldier words while I tell you how he died

         It was in the mortal battle, it rained the shot and shell
         I was standing close beside him and I saw him when he fell
         So I took him in my arms and laid him on the grass
         It was going against orders but they thought to let it pass
         'Twas a minie ball that struck him, it entered at his side
         But we didn't think it fatal till this morning when he died

         "Last night I wanted so to live, I seemed so young to go.
         This week I passed my birthday. I was just nineteen, you know.
         When I thought of all I planned to do it seemed so hard to die
         But now I pray to God for grace and all my cares gone by."
         And here his voice grew weaker as he partly raised his head
         And whispered "Goodbye, mother," and your soldier boy was dead

         I carved another headboard as skillful as I could
         And if you wish to find it I can tell you where it stood
         I send you back his hymn book and the cap he used to wear
         The lock I cut the night before of his bright, curly hair
         I send you back his Bible. The night before he died
         I turned its leaves together and read it by his side
         I'll keep the belt he was wearing, he told me so to do
         It had a hole upon the side just where the ball went through

         So now I've done his bidding, there's nothing more to tell
         But I shall always mourn with you the boy we loved so well

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Datum: 14.7.2020
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