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See through the veil

von Alice D
LiedtextDrama, Schmerz/Trost / P16 / Gen
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01.07.2020 747

This world seems fucking cold
Still young but soul is old
Need you with your mask (of glass)
Nothing more replaces you expect dust

Dust and smoke
Can‘t take the people
Istill hope they‘ll see that deep hole
which they deeptroath

I‘m scared of this war
U R not showing who you are
I feel hunted, ‚cuz the
Human crew is
Blunted, don‘t let them rule you

I know (at) some time you will go
And I knew it years ago
Okay, so I will wait until it‘s night
In(/Of) my world you were the light
Who flie‘s high will fall so deeply
It‘s okay, then, just don‘t seek me

You shouldn‘t really ever know
Where my tears did take their flow
I am torn, hate your cash
It will burn, to the ash,
Blood‘s ‘gon splash --to the ground
you will dash, its no fun,
To get out, that‘s the fact
You must run, that‘s the fault

Cold and lonely
Drugs, Gold, Money
Mood‘s like ICE, always frosty
For me : a Vic-, lay thumping on me


Where are feelings?
Where is love?
Get out this movie that I shove

Where are feelings?
Where is love?
Get out the pit  myself I dug


Yes, I hold on to the art,
But fleeing is the important part
Listen, whatever am I doing here?
I‘m sure you got (the) crazy(ness)
Like everyone clever here
For the system I‘m too lazy

Ongoing adverts, promoting themselves
With branded new clothes
(They‘re) All looking the same shit and you
Still wanna top yourself with
this flop?
And each other?

Have an alien, a dark one
So damn deep in my chest
It shows me to feel the best just
with lefting for humans no space
There‘s no place for you in ‚ma head
Mate, for human like you, your hate
Your constant dizzling and same
Collective Non-Thinking
Hate your blending, busting, blinking

Everyone just wanna be king of
Desolate faces, for air ringing
No more real faces -
- [(And) Now] I‘m leaving.

I don‘t see any enemies
Just wraps, wracks and zombies
All together, (sneef) but alone:
That‘s the destiny of the junkies
At least they don‘t believe in
What they hear
Doin‘ everything for coke ‚n‘ all the
scars they proudly wear
You can find zhem everywhere

Through a veil of smoke  -
Behind the fog I came behind
On this fucked earth we‘re all time blinded
Eat your money, it eat‘s you
Great poets and thinkers already said it
Feeds your body, mind and soul
Till you‘re dictated to be silent
When  your mouth of cash is  full

You are fucked up
By the system?
Never wantedt live like that?
Sit down to me, friend, don‘ get bumpted
Let us chill `n` U will see that,
I explain it to you,:
See the world with other eyes
You can trust your minds advice
You can see trough
You can see


Feel your senses coming back?
Taste herby scentces and go
Watch out for what keep‘s me here
I said it in the track ago(/above)


Dayd passing by
You‘re silent to me
Again, repeating, harassing
Amassings of senseless
Same shit, same feeling
While I read on your forehead:
‚This heart, this brain, this man
Cannot love, how far do you
Just to bend yourself?
You‘re only succumb the society, man o‘ hell
In the end every action
You do for yourself
No matter how many souls
You did break
They don‘t care, don‘t feel shame
For your effort to others or them
Just as same as they care for what
You do for your mother or your own way

In the end you should wanna living
You‘ll be taken many things
Even though you‘d rather given
Everything, alwys and over again
Try it, cause it‘s  your own world(there) ,-
….Ya life in
But  just do never give in
Everything you give, in the end you give to you
Try it, further cry on
You will die soon
So just calm down, think on, sit down -
Think about my words, come here
You better live it, accept the fear
or what fucking else do you want here?
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 Schriftgröße  Schriftart  Ausrichtung  Zeilenabstand  Zeilenbreite  Kontrast