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From yesterday (Me&my guitar)

LiedtextPoesie, Schmerz/Trost / P12 / Gen
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24.06.2020 183
I’m thinking back on all these times
I spent with you
With you it always seemed like I could make it through

Wasn’t I waiting for something else?
A spark, a light – to shine on every brand-new day
Whenever I struck a chord, I knew in a way
We had it all
More than anyone could ever say

And I miss those times, wasting hours on unnecessary things
Every single thought you shared

These papers on the wall
They’ll stay
Just in case I feel like returning one day
But I never truly gave them away
They are here in my heart to stay

And whenever I remember the smile on your face
Of my best friend, my closest one, and the places we used to go
I feel like
You’ve never truly departed

So, these papers on these old, abandoned walls
They’ll stay
Just in case I feel like returning to all this one day
But know, I’ve never truly gave them away
As they are reminders of our feelings from yesterday
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 Schriftgröße  Schriftart  Ausrichtung  Zeilenabstand  Zeilenbreite  Kontrast