The hardest part

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The hardest part

The hardest part of leaving is to say the word 'goodbye'
and tho I try to smile a tear fell from my eye

I've never meant to hurt you or make you fall behind
you always were so gentle, so understanding and so kind

But life is one big journey, adventures to explore
so many possibilities and things to see galore

On dusty roads we travel, through perils manifold
and tho we're facing danger, we push on and we're bold

Sometimes we meet new people, sometimes we have to part
and tho we're far away, you still be in my heart

There is a certain bond that no one can deny
but souls are just like clouds, they're free and meant to fly

So think of us my brother, when listening to the rain
or when you see up high the glimmer of a plane

For I am still within you and tho I'm not around
in many ways and paths my presence can be found

The hardest part of leaving is not to say goodbye
but knowing deep inside of me that you may ask me: 'why?'

Dedicated to my soulmate and brother
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