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Whenever I miss you

von DylanCrow
GedichtLiebesgeschichte / P12 / Gen
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16.06.2019 179
Whenever you are not by my side,
The sun doesn't shine as bright,
The rain doesn't fall as light,
The cloud doesn't seem as white,
The city doesn't feel quite right,
And in the night,
The moon hides in plain sight.

Without you the world feels less nice,
Like someone came in disguise,
Ate all the pies,
And sprayed pepper spray into my eyes.

I thirst for your warmth,
I crave your voice,
I long for your body.

Because without it
Without you
I often don't know what to do
And fall into a dark pit.

But quickly I realize,
There will be a next time
A next time where I call you my girlfriend again
My honey
My one and only
And this gives me strength
And brightens my day

Furthermore I must say
Oh dear how much I love you
Like my heart being stuck to you with glue
And without it it feels weird.

Oh dear how much I love you.

With all my heart.
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