(Not only) Bored in School, Ein Einblick in meinen Verstand

von DylanCrow
GedichtPoesie, Freundschaft / P12
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Another Moment,
Another story.
Sitting on the couch this time,
Trying not so desperately to rhyme.

Today I felt your arms again,
Or more like your head on mine.
Just can't get enough when
Your smile and your eyes start to shine,
Whenever I lie beside you.

But sometimes I'm also a little weird
A little sad
And I'm trying to get across,
That that's not bad.

Sometimes I may be bored,
I may be a little down,
But don't worry for as long as you see my eyes's brown,
It's just that fucking puberty.

Never thought I'd be the guy with many emotions,
Always kept a cool head,
And nowadays I feel so much.
But that's no threat.

I feel sad, I feel empty, bored or worn out,
I even feel like I wanna shout.
But with you all of it
doesn't seem to stay long,
Just maybe a little bit,
And then it's gone.

You make me feel love, relaxation and even more happiness.
And also a little naughtiness.
You make forget about non-existing problems and you make me smile.
It's so fucking worthwhile.

To call you my girlfriend,
To call you my honey,
Feels so good,
Even with my morning wood.

With you I feel protected,
Peaceful and and ecstatic.
You make me realize
What's important in this world.

It's you.
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