(Not only) Bored in School, Ein Einblick in meinen Verstand

von DylanCrow
GedichtPoesie, Freundschaft / P12
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Here I sit
Bored in school
Thinking about what to do
Thinking about you.

Thinking about my dearest girl
Thinking about how much I love you
How much I want to hug you
Spend time with you.

Thinking about trying out this cool new app you showed me
And trying to somehow get my feelings across.

Maybe I could make you smile
With just a few words of mine.
Maybe I could even make you want to kiss me.
The main point is you're a lil more happy.

And still I sit here
In my plastic chair
Listening partly to others conversations
Enjoying the thought of making you happy.

I want to write more
I want to say more
But different
Maybe about fantasy?
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