The Force of Chemistry - A Walter White Fansong

LiedtextDrama, Familie / P12
Walter White
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11.06.2019 137
I found my fate deep in the desert
So I’ll paint it red and blue
I’m not ashamed of what I do
I’m not the same man like before
Am I a human anymore?

I change myself into a hazard
And the cancer ever grow
In the darker side below
There is a spoiling thing to see
Now sense the force of chemistry

They curse my name when I’m long gone
How I work and ever chafe
I try to keep my loved ones safe
I chose this life of hate and gore
Am I a monster at the core?

But this work is allways going on
I`m the danger and the shame
In blue and red, an evil name
And this is what I gonna be
I am the force of chemistry
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