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It isn't easy to describe
what you have done to me.
And I don't know if this will last
until eternity.

I am not sure how I can say
how can I find a word
for this emotion that I feel
which hit me like a sword.

I don't know what is going on
why I can't let you go.
Because I'm sure there is no chance
for me to let you know.

We are no friends, just two strangers
which meet irregularly.
We don't talk much, just greet and part
I don't think you notice me.

But even though it's nothing special
you're sometimes on my mind.
And then I take you in my dreams
a reason's not to find.

It's hard for me to find expression
for that what's deep in me
to define clearly what I mean
at all how this can be.

I'm not in love, of course I know
I didn't fall for you.
But there is something on my mind
that feels so pure and true.

When we first met, it wasn't special
just like few times before.
But something inside me you touched
and I cannot ignore.

Without a word, you just were there
you smiled so warm and cute
you sprayed your magic through the room
and I only stayed mute.

I listened to you for a while
you introduced yourself.
And I just smiled and touched your hand
which felt like endless wealth.

I cannot say what was the trigger
why you did touch me deep.
But after we had said goodbye
I just wanted to weep.

My thoughts were running on and on
they didn't set you free
I did ignore that we were strangers
it didn't count for me.

I knew it's crazy 'cause you were
an unknown man, not more.
But I just couldn't stop to feel
like I never felt before.

There were illusions, clear and tender
which spun round in my dreams.
I couldn't help but feel attracted
could this be what it seems?

No, I soon slowed down myself
no, that wasn't true.
I'm just attracted, nothing more
I did not fall for you.

But somehow it just didn't work
it was hard to forget.
How nice it was to talk with you
how we at first had met.

Your pretty name rang in my ears
like a familiar melody.
It simply was senseless to deny
that you are more to me.

More than a stranger, than a boy
about that I don't care.
You did reach my heart in some way
only by being there.

Oh Aaron, can you tell me why
it just had to be you?
Can you show me how to let you go
before I'm feeling blue?

Why did you come around that evening
why didn't you stay at home?
How can I forget that magic moment
when you broke through my dome?

I know it's only fascination
not more you do to me.
But that's already more than enough
to inspire my fantasy.

I think you're not the sort of man
that would match with my kind.
But in some way you can excite me
make me defenseless and blind.

Oh Aaron, why do I have thoughts
a flutter in my soul?
Why did you break inside my heart
and let me lose control?

I do not love you, that's a fact
I only feel attraction.
But if you'd look behind my mask
how would be your reaction?

Would you feel flattered or not
or would you hate me then?
Because I know, despite my wishes
you only fall for men.

I am not sure how I should handle
how to meet you next time.
Because after my crush is over
you are like a new rhyme.

Since I had this one dream about you
in which we were together
I'm more than only fascinated
and maybe I'm forever.

I know you wouldn't understand
if I would tell you this.
You surely would just laugh at me
and never feed my bliss.

Yeah Aaron, I do know exactly
how crazy it may sound.
But it's not more than only truth:
You turned my head around.

We'll never be like this together
there simply is no way.
My thoughts and wishes do not matter
because your love is gay.

That is a fact, I can't deny
no matter what I want.
There is no way to be your lover
we'll never have a bond.

But Aaron, even though I know this
it's hard to let you go.
Because I can't stop my emotions
I try – but they still grow.

Maybe I simply have to admit
I have to solve the riddle.
I like you more than I confess
much more than just a little.

Actually I shouldn't be suprised
so I avow it then.
It isn't the first time for me
that I fall for a gay man.

That dream about you that I had
a little time ago
did completely throw me off the track
means more than I wanna know.

Oh Aaron, love is such a nuisance
against you cannot fight.
She sneaks up to you quietly
sometimes even over night.

Laugh at me if you find that funny
or consider me stupid.
But I was hit another time
by the arrow of cupid.

I look at you with other eyes
as you do it to me.
And I am sure, that's not a lie:
It always so will be.

Forgive me, Aaron, I'm just honest
I only tell what's true
I do not care that it sounds crazy
but I admire you.

I'm not in love, just like I said
I just want you to know:
If you would offer me a kiss
I surely wouldn't say no.

I simply like you, that is all
and if there was a chance
I'm sure that I would get involved
and start a short romance.

Not deeply, just a bit of fun
that's all I could and can.
A simple bit of tenderness
'cause you're a special man.

You'll always have that fascination
always touch my heart.
Deep down I know we have a bond
and it won't tear apart.
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