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Gravity Falls Season 3

von GF 2012
GeschichteAbenteuer, Mystery / P6 / Gen
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26.04.2019 677
Back in Gravity Falls

It is summer and the twins Dipper and Mabel return to their uncles Stan and Stanford during the summer holidays. During the bus ride to Gravity Falls, Mabel got bored and opted for a lap card. She asked Dipper if he would like to play, but he said no in a sad voice. What's happening? Mabel asked in. He answered. What if something has changed in our Gronkeln or Gravity Falls? For a short moment it was quiet on the bus. Then Mabel answered. "What should change there?" Our Gronkels are still the same and will always be like that. Well, if you say that Mabel. Dipper says smiling. 30 minutes later finally arrived in Gravity Falls and joyfully got off the bus. Directly in front of them stood their grandchildren and their friends. Mabel! Dipper! cried Gronkel Stan. Mabel and Dipper ran straight into his arms. We missed you so much. Said Mabel. "We too!" Gronkel Satn replied. After everyone had greeted, they went together to the Mystery Shack. On the way to Mystery Shack, Dipper asked Gronkel Ford in an excited voice. "Is there anything new here at Gravity Falls?" Gronkel Ford looked very strangely on the floor and did not answer Dipper's question. "Gronkel Ford? What's going on? '' Ask Dipper. Oh, nothing. Let's just go ahead. Said Gronkel Ford. Dipper thought that was a bit weird, and it worried him a little. Arriving at the Mystery-Shack, Mabel and Dipper stormed into their rooms with excitement. Ten minutes later, Gronkel challenged Ford Dipper and Mabel to come down. When Dipper and Mabel stood in front of Gronkel Ford, Dipper could not believe what he was holding. It was a 4 diary. A fourth diary !? Says Dipper in an upright voice. Dipper. Mabel. I did not ask you down because of my diary. It's about something else. Said Gronkel Ford. It's about me being in the woods of Gravity Falls for a while, because I've been watching mysterious things there. Mysterious things !? Let me help you please, Gronkel Ford! Dipper said in an exciting voice. I'm sorry, Dipper. I can not take you with me. It's too dangerous for you. Said Gronkel Ford. "Mysterious things?" "Is it dangerous?" Asked Mabel. "I can not say that exactly." Gronkel Ford answers. "Okay, but when are you coming back Gronkle Ford?" Mabel asked. "Like I said, I will not be here for a while." Says Gronkel Ford. "Now there is something delicious to eat! Who's hungry for syrup on pancakes? '' Gonkel Stan said. ,,I! Me! '' Said Mabel and Dipper at the same time. While eating, Dipper asks what it was like when they were not there and what you experienced on your journey. Gronkle Stan replied with his mouth full, "We've discovered many things on our journey! Also a whole treasure with silver and gold. And ... the one thing I was persecuted by the police. "What? Why were you once again persecuted by the police? Mabel asked him. I was caught stealing the place on the island. Said Gronkel Stan. Oh, Gronkel Stan. What are you doing ? Says Mabel. Two hours later in the evening, Gronkel Ford returned to the cabin, racing. "Gronkel Ford! Why are you here already? I thought you will be back in a few days? And why are you in such a hurry? "Ask Dipper him. Gronkel Ford did not hesitate to take Dipper down with him. Gronkel Ford? What's happening? Questions Dipper. Dipper, what I show you now, you must not tell anyone. Roger that? Dipper said a little anxiously, "Yes, I promise." Gronkel Ford pulled something out of his pocket and showed it in. When Dipper saw it, it was in the language.
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