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It was a beautiful summer day
as you did first time cross my way.
You were so shy, so hesitant
did tremble in the hold of my hand.

I took you with me, held you close
we cuddled tight and nose to nose.
Your fur was mixed black and white
it sparkled in the shine of light.

At home you weren't really stable
and hid yourself under the table.
I tried to lure you out of there
but you did just stay where you were.

In the evening hours I thought wow
'cause you came out and said: „Meow“.
The first time you did speak to me
I was overwhelmed so suddenly.

The next few days I arrived your shore
'cause you did trust me more and more.
I fed you and we played together
and I wished it could last forever.

The years did pass and you grew bigger
to a really pretty figure.
Day by day we had much fun
and lay together in the sun.

Your purr did always sound to me
like a magic, perfect symphony.
To stroke your fur was so enjoying
I could spend hours with employing.

With every day I loved you more
you were what I was living for.
The sense of all, my deep desire
my light, my dark and my warm fire.

I never thought that it would end
that you would slip out of my hand.
I never thought you'd walk away
and once would come our last day.

I believed you'd always stand by me
you'd always give me energy.
But then my world was complete blackened
when that evening the accident happened.

You were so young, not even five years
and when I realized I burst in tears.
My neighbour found you near the street
your heart had stopped his softly beat.

I screamed, I cried, I spun around
and stomped my feet hard on the ground.
I was unable to realize
and spit out curses and belies.

I wished you so much to come back
and felt inside me a deep crack.
With endless pain I covered you
and felt so lonesome, sad and blue.

Still I curse this winter day
that took my kitty far away.
That cut the sense out of my life
and tore my heart with a sharp knife.

My angel Luna, now you're gone
you left me crying and alone.
You did cross the big rainbow bridge
and I can't follow – too small's the ridge.

My angel Luna, where are you?
Do you remember our time too?
Are you now sitting on a star
and watching me from wide afar?

Are you now playing in rainbowland
with other kitties, hand in hand?
Did you find freedom, peace and love
in this other world above?

Are you waiting at the great door
until I reach the other shore?
Until we're once again together
and our time will last forever?

So many questions are on my mind
but the answer is so hard to find.
I only can believe someday
you once again will cross my way.

My angel Luna, please take care
until we again have time to share.
Please don't forget, my baby small
you'll always be my one and all.

What time will bring me I'm not sure
I only know one thing secure:
The bond we have won't tear apart
you'll always be inside my heart.

You'll always be my little kitty
so beautiful and cute and pretty.
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