In love with a hedgehog ~ Lawless x Licht Oneshot

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Licht starred into Lawless's beautiful red eyes.
Other's would find them ugly, but Licht could just drown in those eyes.
„W-Why are you staring at me you weirdo", Lawless asked a little bit angry.
„It's nothing, fuck off rat", he answered annoyed.
„Pfff what are you saying, you wanted to go here and eat Donburi with me", Lawless didn't seem to be interested in the food or at Licht trying to hide his blush.
„Shut up you fucking hedgehog and eat, I'll pay", he hissed.
Lawless gave him the „yeah yeah you better shut up too" look.
Already annoyed of Lawless, Licht told him, he'll quickly go to the toilet.
For some reason he had a strange feeling leaving Lawless alone.
Kind of exhausted he opened the door and looked shocked, as he saw two men kissing wildly in front of the mirrors on the wall.
His face turned red like a tomato, at the same time he couldn't move.
A few seconds later the two men noticed him and he wanted to leave as fast as possible.
„Sorry for interrupting y..." was all he was able to say, when Lawless bumped into him.
„What are you, wait what is going on here", Lawless asked Licht.
The two men looked at them, then looked at each other and looked back at them. Without a word they left the toilet, giving them a little sassy look and winked at them.
„You shitty hedgehog, can't you just wait a minute, till I'm back", Licht jelled at him.
Lawless didn't react at all, he just started to breath faster and couldn't take his eyes off Licht. His heart started racing and he was afraid, Licht could hear it. „What's wrong with you, you're acting strange little rat", Licht remarked offended. Seeing Lawless like that started to make him feel very weird, he didn't know what that was, but he tried to hide it from Lawless. „Licht", Lawless tried to find any words that will explain everything that is happening right now. „I, I feel strange , maybe someone put something in my Donburi, but I don't know...".
"I, umm, you don't want to tell me you're getting sick, do you", he stumbled.
Lawless closed his eyes for a few seconds then he found himself on Licht's lips, clawing at his shirt and pressing him agianst the wall. Licht didn't know how to react, so the only thing he tought could save him from that strange feeling, was pushing him away. "What the hell do you think you're doing", he screamed and started to get wet eyes. "I'm your Eve and you're nothing more tham my little annoying hedgehog." "Maybe you're right and you're nothing more than a annoying kid, anything but an angel. ", Lawless turned around and was about to leave, when Licht grabbed his arm. "Baka, you don't understand anything at all again, do you"?. His hands were kind of sweaty and surprisingly weak. "Let go of me brat", Lawless whispered. "I won't and will never ever let go of you anymore, baka", a small tear ran down Licht's neck. Then he grabbed his arm with more power and through him agianst the toilet's door. "Hopefully no one heard that", Licht couldn't resist a little smile on his face. Lawless was about to start a fight, but before he could puch him, Licht embraced both of his hands and kissed him. Lawless accepted the kiss and pulled Licht closer to him. When their tounges met, Lawless pulled off Licht's shirt. First he was insecure and acted a bit shy but then he started to pull off Lawless's clothes as well. "What if someone sees us"? Licht got worried. "Ha, don't worry, I got rid of the costumers, just don't ask how please", he smiled. "Fucking ass", Licht slapped him. "Oh, getting turned on already"? he said with a deep breath. "Just shut up for fuck sake", Licht answered annoyed and started to kiss his neck. Lawless got turned on pretty fast and both of them took off all of their clothes quickly. "I want it, with you, here and now", Licht moaned, while Lawless startes to lick seperal parts of his body. "Me too Licht, I love you". "I love you too, and I'm sorry for everything"


The end ~
707 words, I hope it wasn't too short xD
That was my first fanfiction I ever wrote, I hope you liked it :)
I also hope ther aren't too many mistakes, since I'm still learning English ;w;
I'm open for feedback c:

Thanks for reading
vanixchan ♡♡
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