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Your hair is golden like the sun,
your presence makes my whole world run.
Your eyes are blue, just like the sky
they didn't ask me when or why.

First time I met your warm, deep gaze,
something inside me started to raise.
It just felt like a woven tangle,
like my emotions tried to strangle.

Your first smile hit me like a lightning,
and uncounciously I was fighting.
I fought against my melting heart,
against the love that tried to start.

I guess I wasn't strong enough,
my feelings for you were too tough.
They grew inside me, more and more
and took me to a brandnew shore.

How it could happen I'm not sure,
altough I knew it's unsecure.
Because you were a stranger boy,
a nameless guy who woke my joy.

I really tried it to ignore,
but my heart beat faster, more and more.
It sent a signal on my mind,
there was no other reason to find.

It only made sense in one way,
my love for you was here to stay.
Oh boy, I thought without a sound,
how did you turn my head around?

I asked myself if it was true,
did I just fall in love with you?
Then I heard someone speak your name,
and tried my beating heart to tame.

But it was senseless to deny
that you had caused my dreams to fly.
Another smile you gave to me,
your voice was like a melody.

Tristan, I thought and I knew,
that I have a huge crush on you.
I felt a passion, more and more
like I had never felt before.

Another time I fell in love
and flew up to the clouds above.
I thought you are my one and all,
and didn't know how fast I'd fall.

I kept my feelings undercover
and imagined you as my lover.
Who would blame me for this action?
You were my man, my satisfaction.

My mind was writing our own story,
despite the signs I didn't worry.
You had to be mine, our relation
was more than just imagination.

But all my dreams did quickly end
after a call with my best friend.
She told me that you are not free,
and I only waste energy.

As I heard this, my heart was breaking
and terribly my soul was aching.
My wishes faded one more time,
'cause you weren't my suitable rhyme.

A razor cut my soul apart,
I had to make a brandnew start.
But that is easier said than done,
when thoughts are running on and on.

Oh Tristan, can you understand
how much I long to hold your hand?
How much I wish to make you mine
because you are my brightest shine?

I know it may sound weird for you
but there is nothing I can do.
I simply lost my heart, you see
and you don't give it back to me.

I'm feeling so much pain inside,
with you I've lost my rest of pride.
I need you badly, need your soul
to stop that ache and keep control.

I think of you, each day and night,
my love for you is pure and bright.
No matter what I try to do
it all feels lonely without you.

But much more hurtful is the fact
that this love has so much impact.
I cannot sleep, not even eat
as long as my heart beats your beat.

My longing has a large dimension,
altough I won't get your attention.
You won't tell me the magic sentence,
you only leave me back at entrance.

You'll never know, it's no suprise,
how much I love your shining eyes.
You'll never get it, never see
that your smile is a gift for me.

It doesn't matter what I try
you always will just walk on by.
You will not notice what I feel
my fantasies will not be real.

So lonesome are the nights alone
I can't handle them on my own.
I feel the tears run down my face,
and start to long for your embrace.

You never will be close and near,
when I wake up you disappear.
Your kisses are not meant for me,
I try to hold you – but you break free.

I'll never touch your golden hair,
I cry for you – but you're not there.
The sunrise we won't see together,
my heart will miss you, now and ever.

I shed some tears and know it's true
your girlfriend now is close to you.
She strokes your hair and feeds your bliss
she makes you smiling with a kiss.

Her hands are running on your skin,
you give to her a lustful grin.
You kiss her back and break the border,
like you follow an inner order.

To know you give her tenderness
puts my world into a large mess.
I am not strong enough to stand
I wanna bring it to an end.

But Tristan, I don't find a way
to leave you – so I have to stay.
Whenever I hear your soft voice
I know that I don't have a choice.

Maybe sometime in another life
we'll be together – man and wife.
Maybe then we'll walk hand in hand
and our love does never end.

So I hope, Tristan, you will see
that you are yet a part of me.
I hope you will not be upset
I love you since the day we've met.

You're simply cute, I hope you know
that I can never let you go.
I can't give up my love for you,
because it is so pure and true.

It doesn't matter what will be,
there's always only you for me.
And if we'll never be together
my love for you will last forever.
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