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GedichtFamilie, Schmerz/Trost / P12
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You smile, cuz you’re fine, baby
dear, why’d you cry? Maybe
someone’s hurt ya, sweetie?
Trust me, baby. Tell me,
who is it that hurt you?
Remember, I hurt too.
Baby, mommy is hurting,
mommy would do anything
to protect her precious baby.
I’m talking to you, but maybe
you don’t want to smile today?
Baby, what would the others say
if they saw you frown?
I can’t be seen with that face in town!
Baby, smile for momma,
smile or else you’re gonna
make mommy sad,
wouldn’t that be bad?
You want to be happy, right?
Come, I’ll sing a lullaby tonight.
Come baby, momma is here.
I’ll always love you, baby dear.
You’ll be okay, you’ll be just fine.
Baby, you are mine.
Baby, I gave birth to you,
do you know what I went through
to give you life?
How I became your father’s wife?
I’d do anything for you, baby.
When I see you cry, maybe
you are hurting too?
Baby, what am I to do?
Come to mama, baby.
You’re hurting now, maybe
mama can make it all right?
My heart will cast a light
to chase away your fears.
Even if it brings me tears,
because the one my
baby is afraid of
is me…
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