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The first time when I saw your smile,
I just was speechless for a while.
The first time I looked in your eyes,
it was like fires in the skies.
I only saw that sparkling glow,
and something happened – what I don't know.

The first word you did say to me
just sounded like a melody.
Your voice was tender, warm and more
something I never heard before.
I guess it was a magic touch
although we didn't talk so much.

The evening passed and parting came
I not even asked for your name.
On my way home, with endless joy
I always thought: Who is that boy?
Nameless stranger, I called you then
and hoped I would see you again.

On every day, in every night
I saw your smile, so warm and bright.
Your voice rang always in my head
and what I tried – I couldn't forget.
The thoughts of you were always there
in every corner and in the air.

Next time we met, on Saturday,
I was excited on the way.
And when I saw you behind the door
my pulse ran faster, more and more.
You only smiled and then I felt
that my whole heart began to melt.

It melt because of your warm gaze
and sent me into a light blaze.
Into a storm of deep emotion
of satisfaction and devotion.
Before I knew what's going on
it was too late to make it undone.

That moment changed my life forever
my wish was: You and me – together.
I fell so deep in love with you
how only innocent women can do.
By chance I then did hear your name
and my wild heart I couldn't tame.

Your eyes were deeper than a river
and my whole body started to shiver.
Your soft black hair enchanted me
your smile was all that I could see.
Your fragrance was so mild and pure
much more than special – there I'm sure.

Each moment let my love grow bigger
I can not say what was the trigger.
My heart was burning like on fire
you satisfied my deep desire.
You did unlock my inner door
and pull my beating heart ashore.

As this time we did part again
I knew for sure: You are my man.
The one and only, my true love
that takes me to the clouds above.
I felt you are my destiny
the one who's always there for me.

Back home I couldn't sleep that night
I didn't know what's wrong or right.
No matter what I tried to do
I always had to think of you.
Your name was engraved in my soul
and started to take full control.

My whole life you turned upside down
I couldn't handle on my own.
Your angeleyes were on my mind
there was no chance to leave behind.
I adored you more with every day
and let my imagination play.

I dreamed of you, more than one time
because a dream can't be a crime.
A dream in which you are my friend
in which our love does never end.
In this dream you're so close to me
and fill me with your energy.

You hold my hand, you kiss my lips
you put your arms around my hips.
You smile at me and let me know
that our minds are in one flow.
Another, tender kiss from you
and then you say you love me too.

Then I wake up, the dream is over
and I feel sad, just like a rover.
You're far away, not close to me
the tears I shed you can not see.
I ask the stars with endless fuss
if there is any chance for us.

The answer can be yes or no,
whatever – my love does always grow.
My love for you, which is so pure,
so indestructible and obscure.
What you're to me I can't explain
you're warm and cold, you're joy and pain.

Oh Levin, then I call your name
why is love such a foolish game?
Why can't I win your purely heart
and make with you a brandnew start?
Why won't you hear my quiet prayer
say, why is love such a betrayer?

Oh Levin, say, what have you done
why did you leave my heart alone?
Why am I lonely without you
why can't you say you love me too?
Why can't I stop to fantasize
and start the truth to realize?

Because true love does never ask
and to forget you is a task.
A task that I can't solve alone
I can't my feelings make undone.
You touched the bottom of my soul
and get your love is my only goal.

Oh Levin, will you hear me cry
and will you kiss my pain goodbye?
Will you give my love a chance
or is it just a forbidden romance?
Tell me, do you feel the same
or are my feelings just a shame?

Oh Levin, starshine in my heart
does this love tear my soul apart?
Will I be strong enough to stand
or will I be falling in the end?
Will your hand ever touch my own
or will I spend my life alone?

Deep down inside I still believe
that honest feelings can't decieve.
I still believe, one distant day
we'll be a couple anyway.
You'll be my boyfriend, so don't bother
our hearts will somehow find each other.

My sweetheart Levin, can you see
how many things you do to me?
The sun is shining, when you smile
my whole world has a brandnew style.
A brandnew sense has changed my mind
since I met you, my fear's behind.

Oh Levin, sweetest dream of mine,
I bet you taste like summer wine.
To kiss you must be paradise
more than my mind can realize.
To touch you must be passionate
it sure would open a new gate.

But Levin, all my thoughts not use,
even I tell you – I will lose.
So what I feel I'll always hide
to stay your friend and keep my pride.
Because a friendship counts so much
and also has a magic touch.

Oh Levin, after all I know
my feelings for you I can't let go.
You have a place inside my heart
and no one will tear us apart.
No matter how many times I fall
you'll always be my one and all.

At last, there's nothing more to say
I simply feel for you this way.
And I am sure – it's not a lie:
My love for you will never die.
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