Ich Bin In Meinen Kumpel Und Bandleader Verliebt?!?

GeschichteRomanze / P12
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I wanted to tell you that I'm going to whrite the Stagenames .
Now have Fun !

Pov T.o.p
I hear how G-Dragon goes in my room and he says:"Wake up!Breakfast is Ready!" ,he tries it another time,I open my Eyes and say:„i dont want to." ,suddenly i feel hands on my skin,I'm no longer in bed but "floating" in the air,now I see why, G-Dragon lifted me up//Why does he have to be taller than me? And good that I'm wearing a pajamas, that's so unfa ...//my thoughts are interrupted by the divine voice of G-dragon because he says: "should I carry you to the breakfast table or do you want to go there yourself?" "I will not go there at all because I'll lie in my bed and sleep." I answer him and try to come down from him but I can not get away from him because he keeps me totally tight // why he must be stronger than me // I think, I whisper: "Damn." "ok, I'll carry you to the breakfast table if you want it or not, "he says, I say," let me down. "he says:" Nope! ", he walks out of my room with me on his arm and goes to the breakfast table.When we are at the breakfast table, he sits me on the chair next to him and he sits down too, // wait wait wait I just as G-dragon interrupted me divine voice had thought what's going on with me // I think . Seungri asks me, "Don't you want to eat, T.o.p?"I had just noticed that I haven't eaten yet, I shake my head and I want to stand up but a divine voice of a beautiful person who has the most amazing eye color in the world says: "You don't go back to your bed, you eat something now and then you put on other things and then you do something with us. " „but..." „nichts aber oder soll ich dich wieder hier hin tragen?" unterbricht mich G-dragon „Nein, sollst du nicht und außerdem habe ich kein hunger.""Nothing but or should I carry you back here?" G-dragon interrupts me "No, you should not and besides I have no hunger." "But you have to have breakfast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Says Taeyang, G-dragon looks at me pleadingly, I say, "ok." .// What did I think divine voice, beautiful person, most amazing eye color in the world? And why did I say, okay, even though I wanted to say no? Am I in love with G-dragons? No, that can not be, I'm not gay or am I gay? // I think.I take a roll and cut it open, I grab on my two rolls halves first magarine and then on each roll half a slice of meat sausage on it and then eat it.


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Warning! Yaoi story! Don't like? Don't read!