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True Love (Malec)

von Hasimausi
GedichtLiebesgeschichte / P12 / MaleSlash
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25.08.2017 221
Sorry für die Fehler die ihr sicher findet werdet. Keine Ahnung warum ich schon wieder ein Malec-Gedicht in englisch verfassen musste:)

True Love (Malec)

The high warlock of Brooklyn namend Magnus Bane
His eyes show all his feelings and all his pain

He lives on this earth for so many years
Without confusion, without any fears

Then Alexander Lightwood crossed his way
The attraction was strong, but was he really gay?

Magnus falls in love and does understand
Alec holds his heart in his strong hands

The shadowhunter tries to ignore all this
Even if he dreams every night of the warlocks kiss

Because tradition and family means so much to him
So Alec buys Lydia Branwell a wedding ring

In the last moment he recognizes that he is wrong
While in the background they are playing an epic song

He makes clear to his family, friends and the clave
That he doesn´t care about all the objections they have

Step on step, Magnus and Alec now take
A hug, a kiss, finally a first date

It is not always easy and sometimes they fight
But at the end of the day, they know that they are right

They give their love a chance, though the people say they can´t
Looking forward to the future, always together - hand in hand
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