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Des Autoren Werke und des Lesers Freude - Gedichte vom Leben höchtsselbst

von pheephy
GedichtHumor, Poesie / P16
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21.11.2020 269
A Letter of Complaint

Dear favourite country of them all,
you know, which one, please feel addressed,
so great that they will never fall,
since you're the model and the best!

Nice mindset you have chosen there,
I just have a few remarks;
I love your system, nice and fair,
let me point out my favourite parts:

The people working day and night,
you watch them suffer from your thrones,
in need of jobs that pay, and rights
while you carve sculptures from their bones.

Chant with us, you know how it goes:
"You must work harder, must be bold!"
As every heir of fortunes knows,
if you are freezing, you're at fault.

The women work to pay the bills
on top of that they nurse their homes.
Still you don't judge them by their skills
but only by their chromosomes.

White people live just like rehearsed
the whole day long, there on TV.
Oh dear great country, so diverse,
say where is your diversity?

"They can't improve a thing, they're poor!"
Tell me, white man, I'm listening:
Exactly who's your ancestor
and how did he achieve his dream?

Dear people, proud of things that can't be,
who say already in advance:
"At fault for wrong things in our country
are lower class and immigrants!"

"They're the bane of our existence!"
So when will this bane come true?
You just suffocate resistance -
"You, the people" - shame on you!

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