Moochie Baby

GedichtPoesie, Romanze / P12
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Moochie Baby, hear my voice,
Moochie Baby, it's your choice.
Trust your heart and not your mind,
don't search reasons - you won't find.

Moochie Baby, stay by me,
fill me with your energy.
Make my heart a part of you,
show me that you love me too.

Break all rules that this world made,
there's no need to hesitate.
Lead me through the lonely nights,
show me the world's greatest sights.

Write my name inside your heart,
please don't break our love apart.
Place some kisses on my lips,
lay your arms around my hips.

Stroke my soul and light my fire,
satisfy my deep desire.
Make my days bright with your passion,
show me your own style and fashion.

Moochie Baby, now please listen,
look at me, let your eyes glisten.
Let me get your full attention,
isn't love the greatest vention?
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