Perry Is My Boyfriend

GedichtPoesie, Romanze / P16
Perry / Agent P.
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Perry is my boyfriend,
you can believe or not.
He taught me how to live for love
so I never forgot.

His eyes are like the rainbow,
his body like a rose.
His feet can do these magic steps,
his arms can hold me close.

He can be such a good boy,
he also can be bad.
On everything he does to me
I am just very glad.

He always knows my feelings,
he knows what my heart needs.
His breath can go so slow or fast,
his love has different speeds.

He knows what makes me happy,
he knows what makes me sad.
He's there for me at everytime
and wants to drive me mad.

He's naughty if I want it,
he also can be good.
He's proud of everything he is
and this can high my mood.

His kisses are so tender,
his touches break my will.
His love is mixed with joy and pain
his looks can stroke or kill.

He's perfect, cute and sometimes
he's also very shy.
But that's a fact which speaks for him,
his love is not a lie.

He showed me so much awesome things,
he told me love is true.
And now be honest to yourself
Would you not love him too?
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