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Babylon Burns

von 1323
LiedtextPoesie / P16 / Gen
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23.03.2015 245
Once there was a king,
he had the faith of all his men.
His kingdom was quite beautyful,
and pride ran through his veins.
His folks had no religion,
they found their peace in lies.
In the name of liberty:
their only freedom was to buy !!!

A kingdom in the eastern lands
spent goods to feed this greed,
but the king gave them just stones
shaded like gold, and paid no fee.
Poor and weak the east became,
where a maniac played his games;
confused he set the king in rage
because he killed one of his men.

He cut off his fingers …
burnt out his eyes …
raped him and skinned him
until morninglight!
He slayed him, enjoyed it,
but one reason for:
`Cause his hate couldn´t wait
for the bloodshed no more!

The King heard `bout this bloodbath
and he swore to take revenge.
„Justice must be served!“ he said,
so his troops stood all for one.
And in his anger he couldn´t see
the truth at least,
he sent them to invade and fight
the kingdom in the east.

They cut off their fingers …
burnt out their eyes …
raped`em and skinned`em
until morninglight!
They slayed`em, enjoyed it,
but one reason for:
Because they´re too different;
does it take more?

Setting a book on …
setting a town on …
setting a man on fire !!!

Setting the books  …
setting the towns …
setting the people on fire !!!

Setting the world on fire !!!  
Babylon Burns !!!
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