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A Battle Tank named Matilda

GedichtAllgemein / P12 / Gen
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26.02.2014 302
(Gedanken eines Panzerkampfwagens...  Die Britische Armee benannte tatsächlich einen ihrer Panzer Matilda. Das Modell diente im 2.WK, wurde ua. in Afrika eingesetzt und der Spitzename lautete 'Queen of the desert'.)

A Battle Tank named Matilda

Listen up, guys! I play some serious games,
geared up to do battle, straight into flames,
explore half of africa, supporting my men,
the general of division, was my biggest fan.

We pretend our mothers, and sisters in homeland,
not thinking ‘bout tomorrow,  could be our dead end,
I’m called Infantry Tank -Mark Two in propaganda,
but my brothers just named me, beauty Matilda.

Y’know, my armoring‘s thick, I roll over limbs,
Jim said kamikaze trip, the rest feel like kings,
suddenly bang! a wall of sand,
the time has come, to own the land,

No retreat,
ready to fire,
across the field,
such a sound to admire.
So within seconds, desert area got vivid
I get rid of my charge, my main gun seems livid,
I‘ll do a good deed, helping my troop,
having their back, - wait, a stranger dude!
no need to beg, no mercy, I’ll kill’ya,
while my bravely bros, just call me Matilda.

We conquer territories, track down our enemies,
the losses got higher, grown men mourn like babies,
thought I could save‘em, be „Queen of the desert“,
but what I real caused, are some bloody-red T-Shirts.

An anti-tank ditch, gosh, mate, watch out,
digged by children and women, no doubt!
my folks start to tremble, hej, worries are misplaced,
bad boys must die, I’ll do that, I will haste.
Oh shoot,
look dude,
I left pink coloured clouds,
blood cells flying in crowds,
think I screwed up, kinda,
armored division used to call me Matilda.
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