A Person's Name, So Sweet On My Lips

GedichtFamilie, Schmerz/Trost / P12
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Ein Gedicht, eigens für meine Schwester verfasst, wie so viele andere Werke zuvor.
Ein Gedicht, aus dankbarkeit, trauer, hoffnung und einfacher, kindlicher Liebe.
AN: die Jahres angaben markieren Zeitpunkte in meinem leben, die für die beziehung zwischen ihr und mir von bedeutung waren, es wird immer vorwärts gezählt, also noch siebzehn jahre, noch dreizehn jahre.... bis jetzt.
und eine weitere Anmerkung, am ende ist die rede von Milk and Chocolate, eine anspielung darauf, dass meine Schwester - im gegensatz zu mir - blond und hellhäutig ist.

Ich hoffe es gefällt euch, und vor allem dir, Sis!


A Person's Name, So Sweet On My Lips

Chocolate curls, chocolate eyes.
seventeen years to go
love you so.

Chocolate curls, cheeks wet with tears
the 'good bye' she fears...
thirteen years to go
don't wanna let you go.

Chocolate waves, a smile for you to see
I'll have to go, but stay with me...
Time's running, let's chase it
eleven years to go
the things you know...
and I don't.

Black curls, scars and yet a smile
Missing you, see me for a while...
leave me then
go away and come back
just to leave again
three years to go
the things I know...
and I won't tell you about.

Black waves, holding out a hand to you
grab it if you miss me too...
Hug me and say it's fine
catch your kids and say it's fine
don't let go my hand
don't let me get lost, 'coz
it's another thousand years to go
through the rain and the snow...
trhough our lives and our precious ones.

A person's name, so sweet on my lips,
tastes like tears, tastes like fears
just like despair and one important thing.
Is it the blood we share, is it our very self,
is it the way we walk together or not?
It's the rain drenching us, the summer so hot,
years passing by, not able to change a thing,
the bond we share, for ever we will care
for the love held in our hearts,
as milk melts into chocolate

As I taste your name on my lips,
sweet like milk and chocolate.


Ich hoffe es hat euch, lesern, gefallen.
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