~dear soulsister~

GedichtPoesie, Freundschaft / P12
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♥Dear Soulsister♥
We are two persons.
Have two bodies together.
Two Hands and Foots.
We possess two hearts
and feeling with our ten fingers.
We see through our two eyes,
and taste with our mouth.
We are two persons.
Running on our own 2 legs,
live in different families
and cities.
connected us no blood and
no genes,
and we are not related.
But still we are connected,
connected by the power of magic.
Can see ourselves blindly,
can feel how it goes the other.
Good or bad?
We are 2 persons.
Nevertheless, our souls are one.
They belong together,
as the stars at night,
as the water in sea.
I thank you that you exist,
I thank you that you live.
You are my better half.
I love you.