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No more.

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25.02.2012 333
No more.

We've roamed the wild country.
Beautiful, yellow eyes.
Side by side we've hunted
and shadows dancing on northern skies.

There have been times of plenty.
We were content and serene.
Peacefully sleeping,
dangers few and far between.

We've also known much hunger.
Ribs protruting from each side.
Mournfully we screamed,
when our starving little siblings died.

Caught in steel jaws pon your frame,
waft of mist slowly creeping.
Nobody will ever say your name.
Life's blood's slowly seeping.

Steel jaws are clenching tighter.
Chest heaving with laboured breath.
My look is rising higher
and winds whisper the song of death.

My brother, this world is tantalized.
Like you, she suffered too much pain.
Who will make them realize?
Like you, she's gonna faint.

A soul, so breakable and clear.
Just a tender touch of veils.
Be not afraid, my dear,
There's not much more to fail.

Now the blood stopped dropping.
For you, nothing more to bear.
For me there will be nothing
and I will be marred.

I know your time is near,
Your struggles now have ceased.
i hope the time is near,
when this world will be freed.

And now my world is silent.
For me no peace. No more.
A sad and suffering island
and you fly where eagles soar.

I stay in this world.
I don't know why.
Without a loving word.
Too much tears we had to cry.

You are free.
And one day I'll be too.
But till this day, I gotta spill my blood though.
Perhaps, my soul will lift to yours.

Then we'll soar with northern lights,
high into the sky.

No might and rage can heal those wounds,
this world has suffered from.

Hoping, that one day, people will see,
that hate is toxic and love is precious.
Falling on my knees,
'Cause today, trust and pledge is specious.
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