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My life, my music

GeschichteAllgemein / P12 / Gen
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07.05.2011 269
Dann versuche ich mich jetzt auch mal an diesem Projekt.

Hier der Link:

1: So many answers I can't find Everybody Hurts
2: If today was your last day If today was your last day
3: Du hast das Schicksal in deinen Händen Heller als Licht
4: You're original, cannot be replaced Firework
5: You make me raise when I fall Everytime we touch
6: Mach dir keine Sorgen, auch wenn du mich nicht verstehen kannst Fliegen
7: I want the love, the money and the perfect ending Wonderland
8: You make me feel beautiful Me without you
9: I don't know what you're expecting of me Numb
10: I really messed things up Forgive me
11: Dans notre vie il y a tant des choses qu'on voit, sans les comprendre Nous sommes un
12: She says, “… maybe making me bleed will be the answer that could wash the slate clean” When she cries
13: Stand up when it's all crashing down Stand in the rain
14: Done looking for the critics cause they're everywhere Fuckin' Perfect
15: Never give up Wonderful life
16: I could really use a wish right now Airplanes
17: Up above the surface I was just a perfect child Acting out
18: And if you feel that way, go ahead and kiss your baby Best love song
19: Welcome to my dream it's the only one who needs me Welcome to my life
20: Why so serious? Raise your glass
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