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Angel of Crystal

GeschichtePoesie / P16 / Gen
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12.06.2008 174
I see you, standing on the floor,
Slowly and quiet closing the door,
I see my time with you passing by,
As I standing with you eye in eye.

No friendly smile upon your face,
I feel the warm lost it’s power,
I fear your reaction, want to leave the place.
See you counting every hour.

I sit on the bed, hope, wait, fear for my life,
You started shouting, I knew I was no longer your wife,
Knew it was too late to apologize,
I have waited too long, to deep were the lies.

You push me forward to the door,
Nothing was like it was before,
I lost my home, I lost my love,
I cursed god in the heaven above.

Why could he let that happen,
Why could he let me fall,
Like an angel fall from heaven,
Into the devils hall.

Now I am standing on the street,
The dirt stick under my feet,
I don’t dare to complain,
Only the curse to god still remain.
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