Jewels of the Karpates

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18.01.2006 382

I am a sailor of skin
I am a dictator of pain
I'm an academic preaching my students
Every blooddrop will leave a stain

I am a dragon of the east

I am a creator of souls
I am a virus of man
I'm the prelude to tragedy singing
A lullaby horror as loud as I can

I print black papersheets as indulgence
I promise the light I'll never bring
I scorch the heart in a fire
From which a siren will sing

I am a dragon and a beast

A swansong is filling the silence;
A black cloud darkening your mind
A hideous thing that is creeping
A vile temptress you'll never find

I can see in eyes everything you've seen
I can read in flesh everywhere you've been
I can taste on lips everyone you've kissed
I can can smell in hair every scent you've missed

I am a Koldun of earth
I am the lord of lies
I am a patron saint of metamorphosis
I'm the collector of everything that silent dies

I am a dragon of flesh, a destroyer

I am a seeker of storms to come
I am an advocate of sin
I am the middle of dissonant echoes
I'm the descent into darkness within

I speak of a world to reign in hell
I mould the monsters and nasty smell
I destroy the by- you- build farewell
To rise the ones that are on earth to dwell

I am a dragon, an eternal annoyer
I am a dragon of lunacy and paranoia

A glass is breaking from hatred;
A crying maiden is raped
An august figure of wisdom
A face of crimson mud that she shaped

I can play on bones everything you'll sing
I can tear from chests every heart you'll link
I can hear in voices everything you've felt
I can construct of movements everything you've dealt

I am a sailor of skin
I am a dictator of pain
I want you to always remember:
Every bloddrop will leave a stain
Every victim you take always leaves stains

They always leave those crimson stains.
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