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Autor: Reader313
Reviews 1 bis 14 (von 14 insgesamt):
English Reader (anonymer Benutzer)
12.07.2020 | 12:43 Uhr
Ahhh! This update made me SO happy! I love this scene with Spirit and Rain so much because it's the first time Spirit meets his match and realizes that maybe he can't always win. And Rain is just awesome! I really like how aware she is of her abilities. She doesn't go insisting on proving the stallion that physically she is strong because obviously, that is not the case. Instead, she used her charms. Well played Rain! I don't think Spirit is in love with Rain just yet, but I do think he likes her a lot.

Antwort von Reader313 am 12.07.2020 | 15:23 Uhr
Well. In a world like this, you can't be dumb. Rain knows exactly how she get what she wants. According the motto: all weapons allowed.
And yes. You are right. Spirit can't be in love. Therefore he knows her to less. But he's definitely attracted to her.

Countrylover99 (anonymer Benutzer)
11.07.2020 | 22:38 Uhr
Hi, I'm just dropping in to see how your progress of translating this story has been going ? I can't believe how far you've come!! 8 chapters already? Excellent accomplishment and you have readers too! I'm so glad and honoured that you found my story worthy enough to translate it. I imagine it requires a lot of time and dedication. Keep doing an excellent job. I'm so proud of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Antwort von Reader313 am 12.07.2020 | 10:36 Uhr
Well, yes. It takes about two weeks for one chapter. I also ain't in the mood all the time to translate. But I like doing it.
Thanks for encouraging me. That means a lot to me.

Ann (anonymer Benutzer)
11.07.2020 | 22:32 Uhr
EPIC! Es hat so viel Spaß gemacht, dieses Kapitel zu lesen. Ich liebe diese Szene zwischen Spirit und Rain. Sie sind beide so süß.Die Dinge werden interessanter! Great Conquest scheint auch Gefühle für Rain zu haben. Ich frage mich, ob er sie liebt? Und ich frage mich auch, ob Spirit sich schon in Rain verliebt? Ich weiß, dass Rain immer noch keine unhöfliche Einstellung mag. Aber weil Spirit ihren Wünschen entsprach, wird sie ihn vielleicht jetzt mögen.

Antwort von Reader313 am 12.07.2020 | 09:52 Uhr
Great Conquest hat definitiv Gefühlte für Rain. Er bat sie im letzten Kapitel zu einem privaten Spaziergang. Und alle wissen was das heisst...
Doch ich denke nicht, dass man bei Spirit schon von richtig, ernsthaft verliebt sprechen kann. Es ist wohl eher eine intensivere Schwärmerei für die Paint Stute.
Bleib gespannt

English Reader (anonymer Benutzer)
02.07.2020 | 14:52 Uhr
I was right! Great Conquest likes Rain! I really can't wait to see how this develops. As a character, Conquest is very sweet, but we all know with whom Rain belongs. I also really liked that small detail where Great Conquest is being affectionate to Rain, but she is unsure and an image of a certain buckskin stallion comes to her mind. She may not admit it, but I think she already has a tiny crush on Spirit. One more thing, I find it very believable that she isn't too thrilled to "teach Spirit manners" but is doing it for Little Creek.

Antwort von Reader313 am 02.07.2020 | 22:46 Uhr
I couldn't mislead you, could I?
I also think it's more realistic, when Rain falls in love step by step and not from one day to the next. I've read some such fanfictions and I guess this is a pretty elegant way to solve this.
Stay tuned

Ann (anonymer Benutzer)
14.06.2020 | 20:02 Uhr
Spirit mag sie schon! Das ist so süß. Ich habe ihre Interaktion geliebt. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, weitere Kapitel zu lesen! Entschuldigung, wenn mein Deutsch nicht gut ist, ist meine Muttersprache Polnisch.

Antwort von Reader313 am 14.06.2020 | 22:51 Uhr
Danke für das Review. Da muss ich mich ja regelrecht in die Arbeit stürzen, wenn die Geschichte so gemocht wird.
Wegen deinem Deutsch, mach dir mal keine Sorgen. Da habe ich schon wesentlich schlimmeres gesehen. Niemand ist perfekt und ich bin froh, dich zur Leserschaft zählen zu dürfen.

English Reader (anonymer Benutzer)
14.06.2020 | 02:58 Uhr
Hahaha! Best chapter yet! Rain is so full of sass! First, let's start with her worried feelings about Little Creek wanting to replace her with Spirit. That's so clever! She could very well be thinking that in the movie, considering her indifferent behavior towards Spirit in earlier scenes. I love how sweet Little Creek and Rain's friendship is. Awwe, I like how Spirit's warm gaze followed Rain to her dreams. He already really likes her, doesn't he? I also found it endearing that Spirit relaxed after Little Creek's gentle action (removing the equipment). That was exactly like the movie. The morning was super interesting. It seems every Lakota horse is curious about the "mysterious, handsome stallion", especially Great Conquest. I wonder why? Could he be...I don't know... JEALOUS maybe? :D
Aww...that famous scene of Spirit trying to impress Rain was amazingly expanded. It's my favorite in the movie and it makes me laugh! It was so cute how he showed off, but she really couldn't be bothered with him. I do like how she admitted that he is handsome, but that won't tempt her...or will it? I think we all know the answer to that. Keep up the awesome work.
Minor problem: at the beginning I think few sentences are repeated a lot.

Antwort von Reader313 am 14.06.2020 | 09:42 Uhr
Wow, that's the largest review I've got so far. You really take yourself the time to write these, don't you?
I'm pleased you like this chapter.
Thanks for letting me know about the repeating sentences. But I only found a doubled word. I hope it's what you meant. Otherwise it may be an extravagant translation from your translator.
Be exited for the next chapter.

English Reader (anonymer Benutzer)
01.06.2020 | 20:08 Uhr
Finally Spirit has entered the game! :D I really loved the part where it described Rain's anxiety and emotions about waiting for Little Creek. I also laughed about the part when she said about Spirit "staring at me like he had seen a mare for the first time." She's so sassy. Hahah! That's so funny because it's so true in the movie. Another thing that surprised me was that Rain felt slightly jealous of Spirit for being with Little Creek. She really LOVES that two-legged doesn't she? Overall, this is an exciting story. I'm glad you posted it here since I still can't access the original English fanfiction.

Antwort von Reader313 am 01.06.2020 | 22:22 Uhr
Thank you very much for your reviews. They really motivate me to upload the next chapter as soon as possible. Thank you too for taking yourself the time to write these detailed reviews.
Sorry if I got sentimental, but I had to get rid of that.
But yes. I think it's correct if you say Rain loves Little Creek. After all, he raised her like a mother, took care of her like a father and played with her like a brother... So he's pretty much the only one she really trusts.
I hope you'll stay a loyal reader to me.

Ann (anonymer Benutzer)
01.06.2020 | 17:03 Uhr
Warten Sie ... Rain ist eifersüchtig auf Spirit ?! Das habe ich nicht erwartet! Ich kann den nächsten kaum erwarten!

Antwort von Reader313 am 01.06.2020 | 19:03 Uhr
Es gibt fast nichts, was es nicht gibt, nicht wahr? Im Übrigen kannst du mich ruhig duzen. Ich komme mir immer so alt vor, wenn mich jemand siezt.
Hoffe du bleibst mir weiterhin treu. Bis zum nächsten Kapitel.

English Reader (anonymer Benutzer)
31.05.2020 | 23:05 Uhr
This was the best chapter yet! So the Google translate is not 100% accurate, but for some weird reason it's so clear and I can understand the story so well. It also helps me since I am trying to learn German. I am so glad you decided to make this story. I think Great Conquest might have feelings for Rain, but I'm not sure yet. Loved the last sentence so much! Can't wait for Spirit to swoop in and into Rain's heart. I am loving her character so much!

Antwort von Reader313 am 01.06.2020 | 10:46 Uhr
I'm glad you like it. Do you know "deepl"? It might be even better than google translate.
Like always, I won't answer your hidden question about Great Conquest. Also because the Reviews are public.
But I agree with you about Rains character. In my opinion, Dream Works wasted her potential. She's so much more than what she is. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
Anyway. You might be lucky, because I don't have to work today. So I think there is a good chance of an other chapter.
Stay well.

Ann (anonymer Benutzer)
31.05.2020 | 18:10 Uhr
Ich kann es kaum erwarten, dass Spirit erscheint! Tolles Kapitel!

Antwort von Reader313 am 31.05.2020 | 19:54 Uhr
Danke für das schnelle Review. Das motiviert mich ungemein.
Da ich morgen frei habe, stehen die Chancen auf ein weiteres Kapitel gut. Dann wird Spirit endlich seinen großen Auftritt haben.
Bis dann.

English Reader (anonymer Benutzer)
24.05.2020 | 15:55 Uhr
Response to Reader313:

Thanks for the quick response! I don't have an account so I don't know how replies and reviews work here exactly. But I'll catch on eventually. Anyway, now I'm intrigued about what was the last thing you expected :D!
I can't wait for more! This story gives me a personal feel on the character of Rain. She is exactly how I imagined her to be and I can't wait till Spirit joins the tribe.

English Reader.
English reader (anonymer Benutzer)
24.05.2020 | 04:40 Uhr
Hello, first of all, I just want to say huge THANK YOU for posting this story. I don't speak German, but I do understand some of the words. I tried searching for this story on to read in English, but for some reason, my phone won't let me access that site. :( So anyways, I decided to read it here (thank goodness for Google translate). Honestly, this is so great. Kudos to the original author and kudos to you for posting it here. I am so happy I found this site. You are doing an excellent job and I really hope you post new chapters. Since you know the whole story already...I have a question (It may be a spoiler) Will Great Conquest get jealous of Spirit for falling in love with Rain? Is there gonna be a fight? I can't wait!!!

Antwort von Reader313 am 24.05.2020 | 10:09 Uhr
Thank you for honouring me. I can't believe that I got English-speaking readers. That was the last thing I expected...
No, the second last. I won't tell you the last thing;)
Furthermore you don't have to worry about the following chapters. I promised to myself to finish this story. You'll get enough to read.
To your questions. These are good ones. But I won't spoil you. (Sometimes I have to be a little bit nasty:) be patient.
In this case till the next chapter.

Ann (anonymer Benutzer)
23.05.2020 | 23:12 Uhr
Wird Spirit bald erscheinen? Dies ist eine interessante Geschichte und ich kann es kaum erwarten, mehr zu erfahren

Antwort von Reader313 am 24.05.2020 | 09:32 Uhr
Es freut mich sehr, dass dir die Geschichte gefällt.
Was Spirit angeht, wirst du dich noch ein bisschen gedulden müssen. Doch lange dauert es nicht mehr, keine Sorge.
Bis zum nächsten Kapitel

Countrylover99 (anonymer Benutzer)
03.05.2020 | 03:04 Uhr
Once more I want to Thank You for doing this! I feel really honored.

Antwort von Reader313 am 03.05.2020 | 08:00 Uhr
I enjoy it, doing this. It just will take a lot of time until its done. After all, there is still a bunch of chapters to translate. But i will definitley finish it. No matter how long it takes.
If you got anything else, just tell me

Stay safe and sound

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